Do not burn wood on Thanksgiving, Bay Area residents told

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Residents in the Bay Area are encouraged by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District not to burn wood on Thanksgiving Day.

This, despite that the district will not release a Spare the Air alert that would prohibit residents from burning wood, KPIX reported.

With the coming holiday, the management district said the region is expected to have moderate air quality Thursday.

Burning of wood is banned to prevent the increase of pollution into toxic levels.

The air district said air pollution in the Bay Area is commonly caused by wood smoke from 1.4 million wood stoves and fireplaces in the region.

The poor air quality in the winter months can be dangerous to the elderly, children, as well as residents with respiratory issues.

“We are asking Bay Area residents to help keep air pollution low this Thanksgiving by not burning wood indoors or outdoors,” Jack Broadbent, air district executive officer, said through a statement. “If we refrain from having a fire this Thanksgiving, we can all enjoy a healthier, happier holiday weekend.”