FBI Conducts Hate Crime Reporting in San Francisco Amid Surge of Violent Attacks

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San Francisco’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office officially launched a publicity campaign giving victims of hate crimes the chance to report their experiences, said federal officials on Thursday.

An ad on a city train read “Speak Up, Be Heard, Report Now. Report Hate Crimes to the FBI.” The agency’s website is also accommodating residents who have been the victims of hate crimes in the past.

Anti-Hate Crime Efforts

The FBI implemented the new guidelines amid the rising number of hate crimes in the region in recent months. Many of the city’s Asian American citizens have been the target of violent attacks through the pandemic.

This week, authorities arrested a man in relation to the stabbing of two elderly Asian women who were waiting for a bus. Police arrested the 54-year-old suspect, Patrick Thompson, and is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday.

The FBI also launched a social media campaign that encourages people who have experienced hate crimes or have witnessed one to reach out to law enforcement personnel.

“I want to assure the community that the FBI works to protect all victims of crimes, regardless of their country of national origin or immigration status. Acts of hate and racism have no place here and will not be tolerated,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Craig Fair.

“These special agents will also conduct outreach to community groups to spread awareness, build trust, and encourage additional reporting of hate crimes to the FBI,” the bureau said, ABC7 News reported.

The agency is also increasing its coordination efforts with local and state law enforcement partners and tribal authorities across the region. It is offering assistance and training on federal hate crime statuses as well.

Danielle Joyce Ong

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