French Renewable Energy Boat to Pass Under San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

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A 100-foot, hydrogen-powered catamaran vessel called the “Energy Observer,” which is French-owned, is set to pass under San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge on Thursday evening as a statement about clean energy while traveling around the world with zero-emission.

The massive boat is entirely self-sufficient and is powered by the winds, sun, and self-generated hydrogen. It is considered to be a gigantic science experiment floating on the water. “If there’s no sun or wind, or if it’s night, stored hydrogen – generated by electrolysis powered by the solar panels and two wind turbines – will take over,” Captain and Founder of Energy Observer said.

Renewable Energy

The boat has a crew on board who constantly test multiple renewable energy solutions in different extreme ocean environments. They study how the systems work together and bring power for everyday use.

In 2017, the vessel began its seven-year voyage from Saint-Malo, France, and later arrived in the United States for the first time on April 22.

“After three years spent navigating European waters, we’re going to discover and share a whole new level of energy transition in the Pacific, which is just thrilling. We’re also quite proud to get the chance to show the Californians that the French are also quickly breaking new ground, both in their area of expertise in the maritime world and also on land,” Captain and founder of Energy Observer, Victorien Erussard said.

Since it began its voyage, the vessel has already traveled more than 30,000 nautical miles and visited several international destinations, such as Tel Aviv, Israel, the Bahamas, and the Canary Islands. It passed through the Panama Canal and stopped in the Galapagos Islands before heading to California, the San Francisco Gate reported.

The Energy Observer is set to pass under the Golden Gate Bridge at about 5:30 p.m. and be visible for observers through May 13 before setting off for Hawaii. Afterward, it will travel across the Pacific and onwards to Tokyo, Japan.

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