Illegal San Francisco Motorcyclist Parade Leaves 1 Biker Dead

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San Francisco was met by hundreds of motorcyclists on Sunday, many of whom rode on off-road dirtbikes and ATVs, parading around the city and nearby communities while also evading authorities, but later resulting in one death after two individuals attempted a daredevil stunt.

Authorities were unsure where the large group originated from but they were known to have wandered along the freeway going in the wrong directions around the Bay Bridge, creating traffic and chaos.

Illegal Motorcycle Parade

The motorists led to several sideshow events, which later resulted in the crash that wounded a 20-year-old biker who left his bike on the bridge and later hoped on someone else’s motorcycle to escape.

At around 5:20 p.m. on the eastern part of the bridge, east of Yerba Buena Island, a bike with two riders attempted to cross a concrete barrier to avoid being captured by the police. Authorities believe the two were heading towards the eastbound from the westbound lanes.

However,  the bike was heading eastbound in the wrong direction. It was reported that the bike did not make it over the other lane and the passenger from the other motor was thrown off the vehicle and was quickly struck by a pickup truck.

Eventually, traffic piled up, and for several hours, two lanes of the eastbound bridge were closed. Numerous reporting sites have shown video of the ensuing traffic and bike activity as it was unfolding at the scene.

The “splinter group” of motorcyclists went to the bridge shortly after 5:00 p.m. only to be met by the CHP officers who were anticipating the group’s move. After 15 minutes, the accident with the two riders occurred, SFist reported.

In a statement, Officer Mark Andrews said that there were approximately “several hundred” bikers that were involved in the incident. Additionally, it is not clear if any arrests have already taken place. Authorities also did not reveal information about the identities of the motorcyclist who lost his life in the accident.

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