Is hard-right DeSantis eyeing a White House seat?

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For the last ten days, the other side of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been exposed. The Republican governor seemed to be a firm and calming leader in the state facing a building collapse and the battering of Hurricane Elsa.

The governor has shown his different side that was unanticipated by neither of the two political parties as he lauded the Democratic President Joe Biden who paid a visit on Thursday.

It is viewed by some as a skilled performance of political plate turning. DeSantis, once known to be Donald Trump’s successor with “same inflammatory policies minus the inflammatory tweets,” as Miami Herald puts it, is appearing with an intention to bid for the White House in 2024.

Some analysts believe with the possibility for DeSantis to run with him leading the former president in conservative polls and is already gathering massive money on the national battlefield.

“He’s not just auditioning for the Trump role, I think he’s ordered Trump masks for the campaign trail,” University of Virginia’s center for politics director Larry Sabato said.

The director warns that the former president could still be considered whether DeSantis will run for the White House.

Next year, the governor will seek a second term in the Tallahassee governor’s mansion.

“Trump can wait very late, and DeSantis does not [yet] have a constituency so independent of Trump that he could run anyway and win,” Sabato said.

“In fact, he would provoke the ire of Trump and his family and his cult forever.”

Even so, the latest actions of DeSantis in his state were patterned under the Trump era, offering a glimpse of how he would be as a national leader.

Among these are the assaults targeted to the transgender community as well as the voting rights; the contentious meddling in the detected indoctrination of radical leftwing lecturers in educational institutions; and the approval of a law that prevents social media sites prohibiting political companies, The Guardian reported.

DeSantis has followed the principles of Trump a day after the building collapse, evident in the deployment of personnel coming from three state law enforcement bodies, to “support” Texas’ and Arizona’s Republican governors  “in response to the security crisis at the southern border”.