Los Angeles Gas Prices Rise Amid Reopening Economy

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Los Angeles County has experienced a steady rise in the average price of a gallon of self-serve gasoline, increasing by a half-cent for the third consecutive day on Sunday, bringing the price to $3.947, the highest since November 21, 2019.

Gas Prices

More than a week ago, the average price of gasoline was 2.1 cents less, 20.2 cents less than a month ago, and 80.3 cents higher than last year. The AAA and Oil Price Information Service conducted a price monitoring to determine the values.

Since the beginning of the year, the price has risen by 71.5 cents, primarily due to increasing for 59 out of 60 days. The total amount that rose was 57.9 cents as of last Sunday where the price went down by one-tenth of a cent.

The average price for gasoline in Orange County rose by two-tenths of a cent up to $3.924. The number is the highest seen since November 18, 2019. More than a week ago, the price was 1.8 cents less, one month ago was 19.6 cents less, and 81.5 cents less than last year, NBC Los Angeles reported.

The average price of gasoline has risen by 71.6 cents for Orange County since the beginning of the year. The rise was mainly due to a run of 72 increases in 73 days ending on March 20 with a drop of two-tenths of a cent.

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