Man Robs Richmond Walgreens and Assaults Bystanders with Bananas

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — A suspect robbed a Richmond District Walgreens and assaulted nearby customers with bananas and Chips Ahoy cookies. This incident was captured in a cell phone video by professional photographer Nicholas Stennet.

In the clip, you can see two Walgreens employees behind the counter, trying to signal for help as a man dressed in black fills up a large bag with items.

“We have this person that is… taking everything from the counter,” says one employee into the phone. Several employees at the Outer Richmond store in the area of 42nd and Geary looked on, waiting for help to arrive. Meantime, the suspect, with stunning calmness, cherry-picks items to place into his bag.

At one point another customer tried to intervene, challenging the suspect with, “what, you want to go?”

The suspect then grabbed bunches of bananas and hurled them at the customer.

When the customer tried to fight back, reaching for more bananas, you can hear a store employee say “no, no, no, no!” in an effort to try to deescalate the situation. The customer ignored the request and threw bananas back.

Thomas Lake

Resident tech nerd for the SF Times.