More details about the San Jose rampage suspect released

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The man who allegedly went on a crime spree and killed three and injured several others once worked for Google, according to court documents obtained by the press. 

Kevin Parkourana’s criminal history says his life and mental health deteriorated in early 2019. At that time, his mother told police that her son was using methamphetamine. 

Under the influence of drugs, he became violent at home, suffers from a mood disorder, and made bad decisions. 

Court documents state he formerly worked as a data collector for Google in Mountain View and lived with his parents on Kooser Road.  

Throughout 2019, San Jose Police Department officers were called to the Kooser Road home for “welfare checks” concerning Parkourana’s mental health and aggressive behavior. 

Officers suspected that Parkourana might be experiencing paranoid schizophrenia and was placed on several “5150” involuntary psychiatric holds. 

In the summer of 2019, it was discovered that Parkourana left a hospital with an IV stunt still in his arm. 

In October 2019, Parkourana was investigated for making homemade pipe bombs. His mother reported to the police that her son might be making dangerous devices in the garage. 

Parkourana was later arrested after a bomb squad found explosive devices inside his car and home garage. 

According to court documents, Parkourana told officers he was planning to throw the bombs into a nearby creek to harm homeless people he described as “hicks.” 

“Kevin intended to throw the device into the creek where people live,” a San Jose Police Department officer wrote in the police report.

He also admitted to using methamphetamine that morning “just to wake up.” He then changed his story about his target. 

He told an officer “that he was in fear of his life regarding a Hells Angel dangerous person who had been murdered.” He also said he feared for his life because “his ex-girlfriend had many Syrian friends who may have been following him,” the police report states.

The officer observed that Parkourana didn’t know the names of any of the people who were supposedly following him and determined he might suffering from paranoia and delusions.

“The suspect was determined to be a danger to himself and other, and was placed on a mental health evaluation hold (5150 hold),” the police report states.

In January 2021, Parkourana was arrested under suspicion of battery for attacking his mother at home. 

Police later returned in February 2021 when Parkourana assaulted his mother on his birthday. The mother said her son wanted to go out with friends but she didn’t allow him because he often used illegal drugs when leaving home. 

“She stated he is diagnosed with mood disorders and takes medication for it, and has only gotten worse since he has been using drugs,” a police report states.

His mother was later granted a domestic violence protective order.

Another 2021 incident had Parkourana on a psychiatric hold because he was “feeling homicidal” and had sent threats to friends. 

On March 20, 2021, he violated his mother’s restraining order and was found attempting to smuggle crystal methamphetamine into a Santa Clara County Jail. 

Parkourana was out of jail on active probation during his rampage on June 1. It is unclear what triggered the killing spree and the police have yet to release a motive. 

He is being held in a Santa Clara County jail with no bail. 


Charlene is a Bay Area journalist who hails from the small community of Fresno. Drawing from her experience writing for her college paper, Charlene continues to advocate for free press and local journalism. She also volunteers in all the beach cleanups she can because she loves the water.