Multiple felony charges up against suspect in DoorDash carjacking

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A San Francisco man was accused by a grand jury of several felonies over the DoorDash carjacking in February.

Authorities said the crime has victimized a delivery driver’s silver Honda Odyssey and abduction of his two kids — a 4-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son — in the neighborhood of Pacific Heights.

The driver was making a food delivery for DoorDash when the incident happened on Feb. 6. as he left his car with a running engine on the 2100 block of Jackson Street. It triggered a massive search for the minivan and brought the wage concerns on gig workers, especially during the pandemic.

The suspect, German Morazan, was arrested about a couple of weeks following the crime. On Wednesday, he was indicted on a dozen felony charges, including kidnapping during a carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping to commit a robbery, among others, the San Francisco district attorney’s office said through a statement.

No statement was aired from Morazan’s side through his attorney, Pamela Herzig, The Chronicle said.

The father’s journalist friend tweeted about the incident, which became viral. The massive hunt deployed police officers searching for the young victims. The photos of the children and the stolen van were posted on social media by the media and residents.

The search ended on Feb. 7 when the kids were found safe inside the vehicle in the Bayview neighborhood.

On Wednesday, the delivery driver Jeffrey Kang shared to The Chronicle that he hopes “that even when times are hard, that people try to do the right thing and don’t resort to this kind of behavior.”

“Resorting to crime is not the right way to go, no matter how hard times are,” he said. “We should always try to look on the bright side and do our best to try to figure a way out.”