NFL confirms death of Raiders great John Madden

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NFL legend John Madden died at 85 on Tuesday, NFL confirmed, ABC7 reported.

The hall of fame coach turned into an enthusiastic broadcaster and became the weekly provider of soundtrack to NFL games for 30 years.

Madden incurred a legendary 103-32-7 regular season record when he was coaching the Oakland Raiders – the team he also led into success in the Super Bowl following the 1976 season.

He, however, retired early at age 42. This did not stop him from being legendary as he continued to entertain NFL football fans.

Madden also became the name behind the famous sports video game “Madden NFL Football.”

In 2006, Madden was welcomed into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Raiders great spent his high school years in Jefferson High School in Daly City.

His death is a great loss to the Bay Area.

Along with high school teammate Don Delbon, Madden dominated in Daly City.

Talking to ABC7 News, Delbon said: “We were part of a group that played three major sports at the time.”

“Football, baseball and basketball,” he added.

A picture in Jefferson High School yearbook shared by Delbon shows Madden wearing jersey number 54.

While the two have lost communication, he said he always remembers Madden’s outgoing personality.

“The more I think about all that he’s contributed and achieved in the sport of football and beyond… It’s a very sad day,” he said. “And it is a big loss for the Bay Area.”

In the media world, Madden is also remembered by KCBS Radio anchor emeritus Stan Bunger.

“It was a relationship that I had no business being in,” Bunger said. “I’m just a guy on the radio and this is John Madden.”

Bunger recalls the summer in 2000 when he did his first broadcast with the legend. The two became the on-air tandem in live morning call-ins, which became a hit to listeners.

“John was so important to football, but much more than that he was important to- I think our sense of community,” Bunger said. “What I took away from nearly 20 years of doing these regular radio segments with John was that he was intensely curious about everybody. If you were in John’s orbit, he wanted to know about you.”