Ocean Beach, other Bay Area coastlines under a wave and rip current warning starting Sunday

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The National Weather Service warned people that San Francisco’s Ocean Beach could be a dangerous spot this weekend as high surf, sneaker waves, and rip currents.

Bay Area will have a warm, dry temperature this weekend with high temperatures of 15 degrees above normal. Anyone who is planning to spend some time on beaches in the Bay Area should be extra careful.

Sunday afternoon until Monday afternoon in Sonoma to Monterey counties will experience large waves, rip currents, and sneaker waves, forcing a beach hazard warning in the area. The National Weather Service mentioned that Ocean Beach in San Francisco is a spot that people should be wary of.

Matt Mehle, a meteorologist, says that people who will visit the beach should stay off jetties, watch their pets and never turn backs on the blue Pacific.

Matt said, “All it takes is one wave to come in when you are not looking. It happens fast.”

He said that the Bay area would have a mild, enjoyable, and nice day on Saturday and Sunday.

However, folks should expect cooler temperatures on Tuesday to Thursday and even cooler temperatures on the following days.

Matt Mehle added, “All eyes will be on a potential storm system rolling in, with colder air and a chance of rain. This will be the most notable change for the start of the wet system.” 

Mehle foresees that there is a 20 to 25 percent chance of having rain on week’s weekend. He said, “We’ll have to see how it plays out.”

Sunday will have the 60s and 70s of highs along the coast and 80s inland, with light winds. Little change is expected to happen on Monday.

The air quality in most of the Bay Area was good, reported on Saturday. South Bay and parts of the East Bay have moderate air quality. Air quality was expected to depreciate slightly, to moderate, for most of the Bay Area on Sunday and Monday. No Spare the Air was in effect.

Thomas Lake

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