Online Username ‘Perveyguy40’ Reveals to be a Washington Man Planning to Molest Kids in the Bay Area

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In the city of Oakland, California, district attorneys pressed porn distribution charges against 42-year-old Washington native Christopher Michael David for his alleged plans to assault Bay Area kids. The indictments got filed at Oakland’s district court in late October of this year.

The public officials got hold of the suspect through a disguised online conversation with him. An undercover police officer reached out to David by posing as a mother intending to sell her children over for child pornography purposes.

David, who gets by the usernames “pervyguy40” and “pervyguy42” online, commenced his talk with the undercover agent posed as a mom interested in the child porn business. According to the collected evidence, the chats revealed about David having access to two kids he can molest within his neighborhood. The two children mentioned are under the ages of six years old – too young and innocent to experience horrifying sexual acts. The chats shared between the officer and David also shows his alleged talks of how he is going to inflict sexual abuse on the two kids by providing accurate and detailed explanations.

According to the prosecutors, David also sent the undercover cop several disturbing videos of sexual assaults inflicted on multiple prepubescent children. When the disguised officer asked about his participation with the grotesque videos, David immediately drew a line.

“I’m not that brave to put myself out there,” resisted David. “Already nervous sending you these,” he added.

As part of the covert plan, the police officer disguising as a Bay Area mom continued to discuss with David about her child erotica motives. The conversation progressed from David asking the woman how far she’ll let him molest her kids. Additionally, he also recommended showing her kids pornographic videos of sexually-assaulted children from his child pornography video gallery. David’s reason behind this suggestion is so that he “can show them that it is fun and enjoyable.”

Moreover, David also discussed his planned visit to the Bay Area to set his scheme of molesting the woman’s kids in action, according to the prosecutors’ evidence on the case.

The allegations and the collected proofs got compiled into a single complaint to attest against David. 

In late October, David got arrested for the accusations. According to official court accounts, David is currently staying at Dublin’s Santa Rita Jail on no-bail confinement. During his first court appearance, he pleaded guilty to the child pornography distribution charges filed against him. However, public officials await to put impeachment against David for the next following weeks.

Another reported incident connected to child pornography got confirmed by the San Francisco Police Department as they arrested two East Baymen for sexually exploiting minors online on November 3 of this year.

Suspects Delaney Tang and Vicenz Sison got caught for allegedly stalking and sexually exploiting teenagers through various social media platforms. According to authorities, the two exploiters cyber stalked and sexually used at least eight minors for child pornography.

Following their arrest, the San Francisco Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Unite conducted a thorough inspection regarding the case. The police filed different charges against the two suspects. The police filed cyberstalking against Sison while they pressed child pornography solicitations on Tang. On Wednesday, the two had their initial court appearances to face imposed allegations.

According to an official statement, the San Francisco Police Department identified all eight minors’ identities thorugh a rigorous investigation. Based on the recorded accounts, the victims’ ages vary from 11 to 14. The prepubescent victims came from Utah and Northern California districts.

Tang would serve a sentence of five to 20 years of imprisonment if pressed charges against him got approved. Meanwhile, Sison bail out of jail with a $75,000 bond. However, the court mandates him to appear for a preliminary hearing on December 7.