Police Charged 9 More Suspects in Walnut Creek Looting Incident

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Nine Suspects from the Looting Incident Got Arrested by Walnut Creek Police

On Tuesday, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office filed a lawsuit against nine more suspects in connection with downtown Walnut Creek’s May 31 rampage. The said criminal charges involve at least 39 business victims from related property damages due to burglary.

After the arrest of the nine people connected to the incident, the Walnut Creek Police Department is currently looking for more suspects involved in the looting scandal. Additionally, authorities disclosed to the media several pictures and footage detailing the events of the crime. Six days after George Floyd’s unjustifiable death in the hands of Minneapolis police officers, the looting incident took place. The May 25 homicide of Floyd sparked public unrest and activist protests across the country.

According to police Lieutenant Andy Brown, “an organized group of criminals” raided Walnut Creek’s downtown part at 5 p.m. on May 31 of this year. Brown proceeded to describe the events of the occurred incident, stating that the said group gathered together and broke into the downtown businesses robbing stocks and supplies. The burglars also infiltrated the Broadway Plaza shopping center, leaving property damages in the process. Along Locust Street downtown, one of the raid members shot a young woman by the arm during a melee attack short moments before several cops arrived at the scene to stop the burglary. Brown mentioned that victimized downtown businesses lost about $3 million to $4 million in stolen merchandise and damaged properties from the mass looting.

Additionally, Brown announced that the police force had identified nine adult suspects for the looting case. Out of all nine detainees, eight of them are women. Shortly after the suspects’ discovery, detectives issued the accused with arrest warrants and conducted several searches inside their residences. 

The May 31 Looting Incident and Identification of the Nine Arrested Suspects

Brown mentioned that on November 23, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office reviewed the looting incident. Meanwhile, the DA filed felony charges to seven of the suspects for committing “burglary during a state of emergency.” According to the DA, the seven defendants reportedly robbed downtown Walnut Creek’s large Macy Store. The place’s Victoria’s Secret branch got raided by the eighth suspect.

Moreover, Brown declared that one of the suspects received a misdemeanor charge of burglary in a state of emergency by the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office. According to the case’s formal documents, the said suspect looted downtown Walnut Creek’s Site for Sore Eyes branch. Brown also explained that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s emergency declaration is relative to that of the case’s “state of emergency” allegations. 

The following suspects would face criminal charges filed by the Contra Costa’s DA Office, namely: 

San Leandro’s Aljonique Mitchell, 26, Kiannis Woods, 19, Kaytianna Pennington, 20; Oakland’s Lashanda Breedlove, 38, Yanai Tadesse, 20; Antioch’s Labria Ardoin, 26; Richmond’s Jacqueline Currington, 29; Lemoore’s Msshaniequa George, 30; and Elk Grove’s Alayshia Cheatham, 21.

According to the police, the group of looters consists of more than the nine suspects currently detained for the burglary charges. Based on numerous investigations conducted over the past few months, the criminal organization behind the looting scandal include many members, approximately more than twelve followers. As such, the Walnut Creek Police Department issued a request to the public to help them find the rest of the remaining suspects from the May 31 robbery event. People can watch the robbery footage on YouTube and view the suspects’ photos via Dropbox or on the police department’s official website. 

Moreover, witnesses who can give more information about possible suspects involved in the looting incident can send a message to the Walnut Creek Police Department email at CrimeTip@walnutcreekpd.com. Anyone with potential knowledge about the crime can choose to have his identity remain anonymous or leave contact details.