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Capping Russia’s oil profits could keep oil flowing to global markets at a reasonable cost while slashing Putin’s war funding

Amitrajeet A. Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology The world as we know it cannot function without oil, giving oil-producing countries an advantage economists call market power. Nations that produce oil are able to set the price, while countries that rely on oil have little choice but to buy it at prices determined by the seller. While this asymmetry in market power generally favors the seller, in response to the war in Ukraine, a group of global oil buyers are trying to leverage their economic purchasing power to weaken Russia’s strength as a major global oil producer. The European Union and

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2 dead, 2 injured in Oakland shooting

Shooting in Oakland Saturday resulted in two people killed and another two injured. The deceased were students of Berkeley High School.  According to Oakland Police Department, the shooting happened just before 10 p.m. on the 950 block of Apgar Street. Officers responded to the scene and found multiple victims with gunshot wounds. Medical aid was performed on two individuals, however, they succumbed to their injuries.  OPD officers found two other injured victims with gunshot wounds and were transported to a local hospital. Their current status is unknown. It is also unclear if they are Berkeley students.  The investigation is currently

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What are tactical nuclear weapons? An international security expert explains and assesses what they mean for the war in Ukraine

Nina Srinivasan Rathbun, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Tactical nuclear weapons have burst onto the international stage as Russian President Vladimir Putin, facing battlefield losses in eastern Ukraine, has threatened that Russia will “make use of all weapon systems available to us” if Russia’s territorial integrity is threatened. Putin has characterized the war in Ukraine as an existential battle against the West, which he said wants to weaken, divide and destroy Russia. U.S. President Joe Biden criticized Putin’s overt nuclear threats against Europe. Meanwhile, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg downplayed the threat, saying Putin “knows very well that

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Has the pandemic changed our personalities? New research suggests we’re less open, agreeable and conscientious

Jolanta Burke, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences For many of us, some personality traits stay the same throughout our lives while others change only gradually. However, evidence shows that significant events in our personal lives which induce severe stress or trauma can be associated with more rapid changes in our personalities. A new study, published in PLOS ONE, suggests the COVID pandemic has indeed triggered much greater shifts in personality than we would expect to have seen naturally over this period. In particular, the researchers found that people were less extroverted, less open, less agreeable and less conscientious

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Manhunt launches for Oakland school shooting suspect

A manhunt ensues on Thursday after a gunman opened fire at an Oakland school complex, injuring six people.  The shooting occurred at the King Estate campus along Fontaine Street in East Oakland around noon Wednesday. Six adults were taken to hospitals with gunshot wounds. According to officials, two of the victims are in critical condition.  One of the victim’s family said that their loved one was a student and was shot several times.  Rudsdale High School, Bay Tech Charter School, and Sojourner Truth Independent Study remained closed Thursday. It is unknown when schools would reopen.  The shooting happened just when

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Family sues Atria Park after woman dies from drinking dishwashing solution

The family of a 93-year-old woman who dies after being accidentally served diswashing solution is filing a lawsuit against her nursing home, Atria Park.  On August 27, three people were taken to the hospital after staff accidentally served a cleaning solution instead of juice. The lawsuit claims that Trudy Maxwell, 93, was given detergent stronger than Drano. Maxwell and Peter Schroeder, 93, died, after the incident. Schroeder’s family has also filed a lawsuit.  The investigation continues and the authorities have yet to disclose if the incident is an accident or criminal. 

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