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Capping Russia’s oil profits could keep oil flowing to global markets at a reasonable cost while slashing Putin’s war funding

Amitrajeet A. Batabyal, Rochester Institute of Technology The world as we know it cannot function without oil, giving oil-producing countries an advantage economists call market power. Nations that produce oil are able to set the price, while countries that rely on oil have little choice but to buy it at prices determined by the seller. While this asymmetry in market power generally favors the seller, in response to the war in Ukraine, a group of global oil buyers are trying to leverage their economic purchasing power to weaken Russia’s strength as a major global oil producer. The European Union and

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Solar geoengineering might work, but local temperatures could keep rising for years

Patrick W. Keys, Colorado State University; Curtis Bell, US Naval War College; Elizabeth A. Barnes, Colorado State University; James W. Hurrell, Colorado State University, and Noah Diffenbaugh, Stanford University Imagine a future where, despite efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions quickly, parts of the world have become unbearably hot. Some governments might decide to “geoengineer” the planet by spraying substances into the upper atmosphere to form fine reflective aerosols – a process known as stratospheric aerosol injection. Theoretically, those tiny particles would reflect a little more sunlight back to space, dampening the effects of global warming. Some people envision it

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Hurricane Ian: Older adults have many reasons for not evacuating – here’s why it’s important to check on aging neighbors

Sue Anne Bell, University of Michigan As mandatory evacuations for Hurricane Ian began in Florida and the warnings about damaging wind and flooding intensified, I called my aging parents to check in. Being a disaster researcher, my concern for them was already in high gear, even though they weren’t directly in an evacuation zone. My dad takes medications that require refrigeration, special needles and a sterile environment to administer. My mom is in the early stages of dementia. Both are not as spry as they used to be. I heard the worry in their voice about their safety, about my

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Thief breaks into San Jose mobility equipment store and steals scooter

A security camera caught a person breaking into a mobility equipment store in San Jose and stealing a motorized scooter earlier this week.  The burglary happened on Monday, around 5:30 a.m. at Re-Mobilizers.  The surveillance video shows a person at the front of the shop and spends several minutes to see if someone is watching them. They then smash the glass door and stole a $2,500 scooter.  “It was crazy,” Re-Mobilizers owner Brian O’Donnell said. O’Donnell is in the business for his mom, who has polio and has faced mobility issues for years. He said the burglary forced him to

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NorCal man lived with dead roommate for 4 years and steals his retirement checks

A Northern California man lived with the body of his dead roommate for four years and steals his money by writing checks on his account.  Darren Pirtle, 57, was charged in Butte County Superior Court on Monday with identity theft and forgery.  Pirtle is accused of forging checks to himself from the credit union account of 64-year-old Kevin Olson. Olson hasn’t been seen since October 2018.  According to the DA’s office, a missing-person investigation started when a relative reported that he hadn’t seen or heard from Olson in about four years.  Relative says they tried to contact Olson over the

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Fremont massage therapist arrested for sexual battery

A massage therapist from Fremont is facing charges of sexual battery. According to the Fremont Police Department, in May, at least two victims reported that the massage therapist touched them inappropriately during treatment.  The massage therapist, 71-year-old Abdul Basir Kadirzada, was a contract employee for a doctor’s office at the 39000 block of Paseo Padre Parkway. He was arrested on September 16.  Authorities said Kadirzada was charged with eight felony counts, including sexual battery of false professional purpose, sexual penetration by a foreign object, and sexual battery. He has posted bail and is no longer in custody. His court date

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US and Russia engage in a digital battle for hearts and minds

Jennifer Grygiel, Syracuse University The battle over Ukraine extends across the world: Information warfare is quickly evolving as key nations seek to influence public opinion and gain political support. As during the Cold War, Russia and the United States are the two main combatants. Some efforts are clandestine, but plenty of material is broadcast to the public as each country attempts to, in the words of political linguists, “constrain the power and influence of the other … and win ‘hearts and minds’ … around the world.” Key government-sponsored media outlets in the current battle are Russia Today, often known as

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