Republican Rep. Gaetz eloped to Southern California; ties the knot with girlfriend

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Controversy-ridden U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida escaped to Southern California and was reported to have tied the knot with his girlfriend Ginger Luckey on Saturday in a small ceremony held on Catalina Island.

Gaetz, 39, is subjected to investigation as part of a probe in an alleged sex trafficking.

On his Twitter page, the Republican made an announcement about his wedding, captioning their couple photo with “I love my wife!”. Gaetz is seen in a sport coat while Luckey is robed in a white dress.

According to the reports of Vanity Fair, Sen. Rand Paul’s ex-staffer Sergio Gor performed the wedding that gathered 40 visitors.

Gaetz and Luckey have announced recently that their wedding will happen next year.

The Republican was with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green in Iowa last Thursday. He attended and spoke in a rally that they held across the nation to push their baseless claim regarding Donald Trump’s win in last year’s election.

Gaetz’ wife, 26-year-old Luckey from Southern California, is employed in a company that concentrates on furthering the life of plant-based materials-made products.

Meanwhile, Gaetz is placed under inquiry as part of the investigation that ended up with his close friend, Joel Greenberg’s arrest. Greenberg has once served as a tax collector in Seminole County, Florida.

Last May, Greenberg released his guilty plea to six federal crimes. This included sex trafficking of a child, stalking, and conspiracy to bribe a public official, identity theft, as well as wire fraud.

Greenberg’s guilty plea with prosecutors needs sustained cooperation with a probe into sex trafficking, which is currently in progress, SFGate reported.

While Gaetz’ name was not dropped on his close friend’s plea agreement, Greenberg’s cooperation can help in the investigation into the alleged involvement of Gaetz in a pay-for-sex relationship with a minor. The Republican constantly denied the allegations.