Robbers in Castro Valley take pet French Bulldog from owners

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Robbers attack victims in Castro Valley Saturday, taking away their French Bulldog and some belongings including house keys and a purse, KPIX 5 reported.

They even took one of the victims’ vehicles from her residence.

The incident is now being investigated by East Bay authorities.

The attack happened at about 5:30 on Saturday afternoon when the two victims – a mother and her adult daughter – were walking with their French bulldog in Castro Valley, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities said a black 2019 Kia Niro stopped in front of them as they headed west on Norbridge Road.

Three of the four to five people who went out of the SUV were armed, the daughter said.

The suspects approached them and took her purse, she said, adding that it contained her house and car keys.

French bulldog that was stolen from a family in Castro Valley

Another suspect also took their French bulldog named Tito, and escaped in the car. The suspects traveled west on Norbridge Road.

According to the sheriff’s office, the suspects arrived at the victims’ Castro Valley home at about 9:45 in the evening. There they stole her 2019 Mercedes C63.

The suspects’ vehicle was traced as a stolen car reported by the Oakland Police Department. It has also been found to be used in many armed robberies.

Video footage from nearby locations were secured by sheriff’s deputies. Investigation on the incident continues with ACSO detectives working to determine the suspects’ identities and to retrieve Tito safely.

The recent robbery adds to the previously-reported thefts involving French Bulldogs.

On Thursday evening, owner Rita Warda was also walking her pet French Bulldog Dezzie near Park View Terrace and Montecito Ave. in Oakland when she was also victimized by robbers.

The incident was confirmed by Oakland Police, saying that armed men have escaped in a vehicle.

“I heard about it and I was on edge and it was a fear of mine,” Warda said. “I never understood until I have [a dog] but the thieves think it’s like stealing a purse, it’s not like that at all.”