San Francisco Business Owners Brace Themselves For Possible Riots Just Before Derek Chauvin’s Trial Results

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George Floyd alleged killer Derek Chauvin’s trial’s jurors began deliberating about the case on Monday, with business owners in San Francisco boarding up their windows, hiring extra security, and bracing for potential riots.

“We’re hoping that we’re overreacting and that really it will all be very peaceful, but we just want to be extra cautious because we’ve been through this before,” Union Square Business Improvement District’s Karin Flood said.

Possible Riots

In San Francisco, at least 36 businesses in the city’s shopping district suffered broken windows, vandalism, anti-police graffiti, and looting last summer. Violent rioters joined peaceful protests for George Floyd’s death last summer, targeting business establishments in the area.

“Property owners, some of them are boarding up, choosing to do that. Some are hiring extra security, putting merchandise away. So, we’re protecting ourselves,” said Flood.

San Francisco police are also preparing for potential riots due to the trial’s deliberations. Day offs for sworn officers have been canceled to increase the workforce. The police department required additional officers to be on duty to monitor the situation in Minneapolis.

Taylor Jay Collection employees in Oakland removed the establishment’s front window. The owner of the store, Taylor Jay, said she reopened her business on Friday. Vandals spray-painted and broke the windows to her store on the same day, NBC Bay Area reported.

“Although it can be replaced, it’s just so unnecessary. It’s just another obstacle that we have to go through in the midst of so many other things that are going on right now in the world,” said Jay.

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