San Francisco to receive 10,000 more monkeypox vaccines

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San Francisco will receive 10,000 more monkeypox vaccines, the city’s department of public health announced Tuesday. 

The response comes one day after California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency over the outbreak. According to the latest United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention numbers, monkeypox has infected 827 Californians. 

DPH states that the California Department of Public Health will provide 10,700 vaccine doses to the city. However, “there is no date yet for the arrival of this allotment.

“We will let the community know when it becomes available,” the tweet stated. A subsequent tweet thanked Newsom for his emergency declaration, as well as San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who beat Newsom to the punch by declaring an emergency last week.

DPH has not issued an answer if the larger number of vaccines delivered is because of the states of emergency or is separate. 

San Francisco has yet to receive the 35,000 vaccine doses health officials requested. The city states that it will not be providing second doses until much later due to the lack of supply from the federal government. 

The Jynneos vaccine is used to inoculate people against monkeypox. This vaccine also protects against smallpox and can only be produced by one Danish company, the Bavarian Nordic.