SF Board of Supervisors urge DA to release Walgreens shooting video

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San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins is already under pressure to release the shooting video involving an unarmed alleged shoplifted and a Walgreens security guard. 

Now, San Francisco supervisors are also voicing out their demands. 

“I hope we get the release of the video as soon as possible,” said Shamann Walton of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

“I think it is important for the members of this board as well as the public,” said SF Supervisor Aaron Peskin.

“Walgreens has that videotape. The district attorney has that videotape,” said Supervisor Dean Preston.

The public has not seen the video evidence of Thursday’s fatal shooting that resulted in the death of Banko Brown since the murder charge has been dropped and the alleged suspect, a private security guard, has been released from jail.

According to Jenkins, the investigation remains open. “What we want is for the police to close every loop in this case. We still have the opportunity to change our minds based upon additional evidence that can be gathered,” she said.

Although Brown was unarmed, according to the district attorney, the totality of the evidence amounts to the security guard firing his gun in self-defense. “It is possible that people will watch this video and come to a different conclusion,” said UCSF law professor Hadar Aviram.

The public may never get a chance to see the video because the California state law that mandates law enforcement to release video evidence does not apply to civilians working as private-armed security. 

“This is an interaction between two private people. The security officer at Walgreens is a private citizen. He is not a member of law enforcement. This is not a lethal force claim. It’s basically a violent encounter between two people,” Aviram said.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday on a resolution for DA to release police reports, witness accounts, and the April 27 shooting video. 

California State Senator Scott Wiener released a statement about the Banko Brown shooting investigation that reads in part:

“San Franciscans are also closely watching how the investigation into this shooting death is being handled by local law enforcement. It is critical that the investigation proceed with urgency and transparency. I will be monitoring this process, and I have every confidence that District Attorney Jenkins and SFPD will conduct a thorough and transparent investigation.”


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