Shooting spree at a house party kills 2, injures 12 others

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A mass shooting left two people dead and a dozen others injured during a house party close to Bridgeton, New Jersey.

According to the police, two victims who are not yet named have died. One of them is a man, 30, and another woman, 25.

The shooting left one of the victims in a serious medical state. Investigators said all of the victims are adults.

State police said no arrests were yet made while the motive for the shooting is still under probe.

The call for police response was received a few minutes before Saturday midnight from an E. Commerce Street in Fairfield Township, Cumberland County.

Officials said that the party has gathered more than a hundred people.

According to the accounts of the residents, the problem was triggered when attendees from a nearby party went into the home. At that time, gunfire was heard.

Law enforcers deployed a search mission around the house. They also covered the cemetery and the woods nearby.

A relative of one of the victims who was at the location when the incident happened described his family member as a “good girl”, expressing his grief for the unfortunate event.

According to the police, victims with injuries were fetched by medics while some managed to drive themselves to the medical facility.

The investigation is underway with several police agencies deployed at the crime scene.

A member of the Life Worth Living organization, John Fuqua stated that his relative’s friend was among the victims.

“He was running for his life. He got on the ground, he had to crawl. It wasn’t a shooting gallery, it wasn’t a hunting expedition, it was a party and a few bad apples chose to turn it into something else,” Fuqua said.

The gunfire from the scene was even heard by a church reverend, Michael Keene of the Trinity AME Church, across the street.

“I just started hearing at first what I thought was fireworks, it was really gunshots, and I heard nine in rapid succession,” Keene said.

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