Solano County Looks for At-Risk University Student After Car Crash Incident

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On Monday, authorities request the public’s help in locating a missing woman in Solano County, California. The Solano County Sheriff’s Office identified the lost lady as Jikera Anderson, a UC Santa Barbara college student. According to the police, the 21-year-old’s last sighting occurred after involving herself in a solo car crash on Interstate 80 near Dixon early Monday morning. Ever since the incident, Anderson’s whereabouts remained unknown.

The police recounted their encounter with the 21-year-old Sacramento woman. Anderson got caught in a solo car crash driving her mother’s car during the early morning on Monday but left the scene before authorities arrived at the area to investigate. According to the police officers, Anderson left her phone and wallet, making it impossible to reach and locate her.

After her disappearance, Anderson’s older brother William Anderson Jr. begs the Solano Police Department to answer events surrounding his little sister’s incident and absence.

“This whole situation scares me,” revealed William. “I keep playing it in my head, trying to make it sense to me,” he added. 

After a quick inspection of the event, authorities suspect that Anderson might be suffering from a mental health condition. According to the Solano County Sherriff’s Office’s Facebook post, it stated that Anderson’s actions and disappearance “is unexpected and out of character.” 

However, William countered the police’s claims regarding his little sister’s situation during an interview with Fox40.

“Never had any problems or mental issues,” confirmed William, adding, “Nothing that could give a reason for this disappearance.”

Additionally, William’s worry for his younger sister’s welfare heightened after learning that she left her important belongings behind after the car crash.

“So she has nothing right now besides the clothes on her back, so that’s even scarier,” expressed William. “Where is she sleeping? How is she eating?” he added.

According to recent updates on Tuesday, authorities obtained reports that someone saw Anderson at a Safeway grocery store on Lincoln Road West in Vallejo around 4:45 a.m. in the morning of that same day. Reportedly, Anderson does not have any known acquaintances nor family relatives in Solano County, and her next destination remains unknown by the police.

William wants nothing but good for his sister. He prays and relays a message to the media if Anderson is listening or watching daily news from where she is.

“We just want to see you healthy,” William stated. “Like, we don’t care about the situation that happened. Just reach out to us, and we can all figure it out,” he added.

To aid the search for Anderson, the Solano County Sheriff’s Office released details involving the missing woman’s description. According to their records, Anderson was wearing a black and white checkered jacket and had long red braids. She is also 5 feet and six inches tall.

Furthermore, the California Traffic Patrol spearheaded the investigation of the Dixon car crash involving Anderson. According to official reports, the inspection team didn’t disclose additional details regarding the car crash event. The severity of the damages remain unrevealed, and there were no reported casualties or life losses from the incident.

Ajika Anderson is a 21-year-old Sacramento woman that attends UC Santa Barbara as a university student. Despite her brother’s claims that she has no issues, police consider her an at-risk missing person suffering from an unknown mental health condition. As of late, the Solano Police Department continues its collection of information about the incident and encourages the public to contact Anderson’s family members or friends if they happen to know the absent person’s whereabouts.

If you have any tips regarding Anderson’s whereabouts, you can contact the Solano County Police Department by calling their 24-hour hotline 707-644-7867.