Sure win! Ohio records highest vaccination figure after lottery initiative

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Ohio seemed to have hit the jackpot on its vaccination efforts after its Gov. Mike DeWine posted a $5 million lottery to urge people to get their shot.

On Monday, Ohio health authorities said that vaccine shots given out on Friday have exceeded 25, 400, becoming the highest number of vaccinations in three weeks, and it was possible a couple of days after the program was unveiled.

Also, following the weeks of constant fall, there had been a 6 percent increase on vaccinations for residents aged 30 to 74.

“Not only have we achieved our goal of increasing public awareness and interest, but we have slowed what was a consistent decline, and in certain age groups we’re seeing an increase again,” said Stephanie McCloud, state Health Director. “This is doing exactly what we intended it to do.”

Ohio state officials said that weekend’s number of vaccinated individuals will be accounted for by midweek.

“We were really encouraged by those numbers. We have really struggled with that age range [30-74] in the state of Ohio,” American Academy of Pediatrics Ohio chapter CEO Melissa Wervey Arnold said.”I think it’s wonderful that it gave people a second thought.”

The initiative of the state was announced by the governor through Twitter last May 12.

The program is open to residents aged 18 or older who at least received a single jab of COVID-19 vaccine. According to health officials, five $1 million prizes will be up for grabs for those who will take part of the program.

Meanwhile, state officials said that those who are aged 12 to 17 and also at least got a single shot can participate and have a chance to be provided by four-year, full-ride scholarships to state colleges or universities, and even private education.

“The governor remains optimistic about the early indicators,”  said Dan Tierney, the governor’s spokesperson. “The curve is now trending in the other direction as far as where we were heading. We hope that continues.”