Suspect in Walnut Creek Nordstrom theft who posted bail now facing arrest warrant

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A Walnut Creek Nordstrom theft suspect who was already arrested and freed is facing an arrest warrant.

Two weeks ago, Dana Dawson, who was among the suspects arrested by the Walnut Creek police, left the court and has never returned since. She was allegedly involved in the recent Nordstrom theft and has used a Glock 29 9mm handgun, the Walnut Creek police said. Her possession of a firearm violates her parole that Walnut Creek police officers have no idea about when the arrest was conducted, ABC7 reported.

Walnut Creek Police Chief Jamie Knox said on Dec. 1: “I don’t know if it’s just a system failure or just a delay in the information getting to us we’re still looking into that.”

Dawson has paid bail she is qualified for.

Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney said in Dawson’s arraignment on Nov. 30 that her parole agent was trying to secure a judge-signed parole warrant which will place Dawson back in custody.

However, according to Deputy District Attorney Jordan Sanders, Dawson’s parole agent missed doing such by about 15 minutes.

“It’s frustrating,” Sanders said last Nov. 30.

An arrest warrant has been issued for a suspect in the Walnut Creek Nordstrom theft who was already arrested and released.

Dawson has the decision to go back to court as is not facing any parole warrant. In a talk to the I-TEAM, Deputy DA said that Dawson did not appear before the court on Monday or Friday.

Only those who appeared in court Monday were Joshua Underwood and Rodney Robinson who were also involved in the said crime.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office previously released Underwood by mistake but was placed back in custody at his court presence last November 30.