The Golden State Warriors’ Most Probable Scenarios During New Season’s Draft Night

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In the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft, fans and spectators caused an uproar due to the Golden State Warriors’ unclear plans regarding their second overall pick for the new season’s games.

According to insiders, the Warriors reportedly are “considering,” “blown away by,” and “impressed with” five possible scenarios. In light of these prospects, small rumors concerning trade probabilities also emerged and became the center of basketball enthusiasts’ conversation topics.

Moreover, the latest NBA Draft report detailed that this bracket has relatively weak “big three” players consisting of Australia’s National Basketball League Lamelo Ball, the University of Memphis’  James Wiseman, and the University of Georgia’s Anthony Edwards. As anticipated, the board’s first three candidates are Ball (point-guard), Wiseman (center), and Edwards (wing). However, the Golden State Warriors are making the situation more complicated. Additionally, the team is reportedly trying to persuade a veteran player to join their ranks and help them win the new season.

This article provided a guide to help you get more acquainted with the decisions and make more sense of the announced lineup. The contents of the manual got inspired by the latest official NBA updates to prevent false information and misleading speculations of what will happen in the games. As such, here are the Golden State Warriors’ three most probable scenarios to occur during Wednesday night’s draft pick:

Outline #1: The Warriors exchange to No. 8 from No.4 range, pick a starting center, and choose among Tyrese Haliburton, Obi Toppin, or Deni Avdija

Insiders revealed that the Warriors got impressed by Avdija from Israel’s performance. Meanwhile, Iowa State’s six-foot-five point guard Haliburton shone later on during the draft. Haliburton also drew comparisons with Shaun Livingston due to his style of gameplay.

In case the Warriors are planning to pick a starting center via trade, they could choose between Mitchell Robinson (New York Knicks) or Wendell Carter Jr. (Bulls). As of late, there is no starting-talent frontcourt piece under the Pistons’ for the Warrior’s to recruit. However, if the Dubs requests for Blake Griffin, they can do so by swapping Andrew Wiggins with him.

According to ESPN’s Jonathan Givony, the teams to anticipate on Wednesday include New York Knicks (No. 8), Chicago Bulls (No.4), and Detroit Pistons (No. 7). Additionally, Givony also reported that the three previously mentioned teams aim to move forward to pick No. 2 during draft night.

Outline #2: The Warriors will remain at pick No. 2 and choose James Wiseman

According to Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman, it looks like the Golden State Warriors lean more into picking Wiseman instead of Edwards. Multiple rumors surrounding Wiseman to be the first overall pick during the draft remain afloat among fans and critics alike.

Although the Warriors have Marquese Chris as a similar player, Wiseman undoubtedly has the upper hand as the center. Moreover, a rumor exists about Timberwolves planning to be the first overall to take Wiseman up their ranks. However, the gossip slowly dies as the 2020 NBA Draft progresses forward.

Outline #3: The Warriors remain at No. 2 and pick LaMelo Ball

This possible outcome might shock everyone watching this season’s draft pick. Nobody knows how Ball would fit in with the Warriors due to his defensively challenged and ball-dominant style of play. However, the Warriors having Lamelo in their team could prove reigning MVP potential.

Additionally, Ball would bring more controversy to the group due to his father LaVar Ball’s scandalous remarks within the basketball industry when he declared that his eldest son Lonzo was better than Stephen Curry. Furthermore, LaVar stated in a September interview that the Warriors recruiting LaMelo to their team would only prove to be a “bad fit.”

Despite the crazy rumors, many people see LaMelo as an extremely talented player in the draft. Due to this, the possibility of the Warriors picking him is not far from impossible. However, this outcome is far less likely to come true in comparison to the first two.