This Petaluma home puts up nearly 100, 000 Christmas lights for a reason

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The holiday season for the past two decades is a busy season for Heather Campbell who has been making her residence a Christmas paradise.

“It’s gotten bigger and bigger and bigger,” Campbell said, who attached nearly 100, 000 lights on her home this year, ABC7 reported.

She said a request from her child has started the family Christmas tradition.

“My oldest son came up to his dad and said, ‘daddy, why don’t we have any Christmas lights?’ My husband went to Kmart and, you know, put up a couple of strings of lights. And I’m like, ‘oh no, we can do way better than that,'” she said, and the rest is history.

Their residence has gathered massive attention from families in Petaluma during the Christmas season over the years.

Their decoration brings something for the people to feel the Christmas in the air.

“It’s really cool. I’ve been here almost every year they’ve been doing this,” Simon Goldstein, 9, said.

Apart from bringing in the Christmas feel, the family tradition is also doing the transformation for a reason.

A little donation box was set up outside the house with an aim to gather funds for local nonprofit linking persons in need with the proper resources.

“People need to just be kind to each other. Be nice. There’s a lot of bad stuff going on, but this, this I can control,” Campbell said.

Campbell added that the happy faces she sees from the visitors are paying off the extra money and effort she puts into the Christmas wonderland.

She added that she plans to still continue the family tradition for the years to come.

“I almost feel like if I don’t do it now, I’m going to be in trouble with the whole neighborhood,” she said.

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