Thousands of Trump Supporters Plan to Gather to Protest Election Results

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Authorities expected to close down several streets in Washington D.C. on Saturday, anticipating a large number of people joining rallies in support of President Donald Trump as he continues to claim that he is the rightful winner of the 2020 U.S. elections.

Pro-Trump rally

On their permit application with the National Park Service, pro-Trump group Women for America First organizers expected about 5,000 people would join the movement. The permit noted that the first rally would begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Capitol. They also said they planned a larger gathering around noon at the Freedom Plaza.

Since the beginning of the counting of votes, Trump has continuously challenged the results of the electoral process and claimed voter fraud would be the downfall of the country. The president has also ordered Republican politicians in swing states to change the results of the elections to his favor.

The rallies on Saturday would be conducted only two days before the Electoral Colleges meet to cast votes for the November 3 elections, The Hill reported.

On November 14, thousands of Trump supporters marched in the country’s capital, only a week after several news platforms projected Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential elections. Trump’s supporters met face-to-face with counterprotesters in the streets of Washington. Authorities said at least 20 people were taken into custody and that two officers were injured during the chaos.

During the day, Trump’s presidential motorcade drove past the crowd gathered outside as he waved to demonstrators.

Danielle Joyce Ong

Danielle is a local journalist with a passion for exploring stories related to crime and politics. When Danielle isn't busy writing or reading, she is usually exploring the great outdoors and all the hiking trails in the Bay.

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