Tired of Being Online? Here are Five Epic Outdoor Activities To Do in SF

5 mins read

It is a desire by many to dream of wanting to visit or live in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, the place holds another top-secret information – the Bay Area also has the best access to all of California’s outdoor spots. Past the Golden Gate Bridge lies all the cool places – from hidden swimming holes to some of Lower 48’s tallest mountains. Thus, here are five epic outdoor activities that will get you off from your phone and into the great outdoors:

The Tuolumne River

The Tuolumne River allows you to enjoy the whitewater it has to offer. This place deems to be one of North America’s most renowned whitewater in the entire region. Rapids like Clavey Falls and Ram’s Head can urge you to paddle, swim, and scream your fun with its waters. Additionally, the river is also a perfect place to camp and sleep for the night if you plan to do a stargazing activity. Outfitters can supply all your needed essentials such as cold drinks, good company, and bocce ball. You can also bring your tent, but the choice of using it is up to you once you see the sight of the stars scattered in the night sky. You may use this opportunity to sleep without the tent to gaze at the stars.

Aloha Lakes

The hike from Echo Lake to Aloha Lakes is a moderate trip that curves over five stunning lakes. Located just south of Lake Tahoe, and the 15-mile trail is a manageable trek to almost anyone who plans to have a hiking trip. You can camp on the shores of Lake Aloha and cool off with a refreshing bath at the waters at sunset after a long day. Having inflatable padded boards is highly recommended. Make sure to visit the El Dorado Ranger Station to get a permit if you decide to stay for the night. One night per person costs $5.

Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail

One of Bay Area’s most famous hiking places, this place can take you from the mountains of Santa Cruz to the coastlines. On a 3-day hike, each passing day gets better than the last as you hike your path from the starting point in Castle Rock State Park to Waddell Beach with a distance of approximately 30 miles. Take your time walking through the old-wood redwood groves and enjoying spacious seascapes. Renting or bringing a car is highly recommended at each end of the trail since visiting this place is a point-to-point trip.


The lovely little town of Mendocino is three hours north of San Francisco. The sights and the landscapes that Mendocino has to offer are enough to leave you in awe with every turn you make. The “Bohemian Bus” Airbnb is one of the best parts waiting for your arrival. This vintage school bus that turned into living headquarters in 2006 is the perfect site to relax and forget about your problems. Furthermore, you can take a trip to Russian Gulch State Park, wander through the Van Damme Pygmy Forest, or watch the sunset at the legendary Bowling Ball Beach.

Big Sur: Sykes Hot Springs

Big Sur is one of the must-see spots tourists should visit when they arrive in the Bay Area. 2.5 hours south of San Francisco, this 85-miles of coastal scenery is perfect for a weekend getaway. Planning a backpacking trip to this spot is the most proposed activity to enjoy the coastal panorama the place can provide. The 10-mile out-and-back hike to Sykes Springs is the best activity, taking a relaxing hot dip after the trek. Don’t forget to stop by Big Sur River Inn for a nice cold drink as you sit in an Adirondack-style chair plopped in the middle of the river.