Two suspects fall after police raid on underground casino in San Jose

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Police busted an illegal gambling operation in San Jose which led to the arrest of two men and the recovery of an enormous marijuana growing operation, officers on Thursday said.

The illegalities are being conducted in an underground casino on an industrial area, 1600 block of Rogers Avenue just north of Interstate 880. The area, according to the police, is used as a center not only for drug dealing in San Jose but also for different illegalities like unlawful gambling and buy-and-sell of embezzled properties, KPIX5 reported.

Police officers served a search warrant on the hub last September 17. Many occupants escaped by destroying interior divisions and digging into nearby business establishments.

“During the execution of that search warrant, people started running,” Sgt. Christian Camarillo, the police spokesperson, said. “People started popping out and coming out of backdoors of an adjacent business. So officers quickly detained them. We did find a series of pathways connecting these two different businesses.”

(l-r) John Le, Mike Le (San Jose Police Department)

A huge illegal indoor marijuana plantation was discovered by the detectives while they walk-up the suspects’ path. It was located in one of the businesses they passed by.

A search warrant was then secured by the police for the newly-discovered area, which led to the recovery of marijuana weighing around 33 pounds; THC product weighing 25 pounds; a couple of handguns; as well as a loaded high-capacity rifle magazine.

Evidence seized following raid on Illegal marijuana growing operation. (San Jose Police Department)

Through a new investigation, the police have identified 45-year-old John Le and 36-year-old Mike Le, both from San Jose, as the owners of the casino and marijuana grow operation. Police have yet to determine how the two are related.

The two were arrested by the police at their homes last October 29. More recoveries were made during the arrest, including the 300 pounds of marijuana, $30, 000 cash, a couple of firearms, and ammunition. Charges of operating an underground casino, selling marijuana, and illegal possession of firearms were slammed against the two who were booked into Santa Clara County Jail.