Uber driver gets new job after helping teenager stranded on I-95

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An Uber driver from Washington D.C. reaps the reward of a good deed after he was stuck on I-19 in Virginia for five hours during a snowstorm, KRON4 reported.

On Tuesday, Uber driver Davante Williams was braving the icy Interstate 95 in Virginia to drop a girl passenger. He was very willing to get the teenager home but got stranded with hundreds of others due to the weather.

“My passenger, she was so distraught,” Williams told NewsNation’s Marni Hughes. “Apparently, I picked her up from Union Station, and her train was canceled due to derailment. So she only could call for Uber, and I was her driver.”

While they were going through trouble, the driver gave the girl crackers and water. He also talked to the girl’s parents, assuring them that their child is safe and he will take her home.

“I had to explain to her parents that, ‘Hey, I’m not anyone crazy. I’m just trying to get your daughter somewhere safe.’” 

Williams even got the teenager a hotel room to stay a night when they finally made it through the challenging road.

“I wind up having to put her in a hotel because she wasn’t old enough to get a room … So I wanted to make sure she was comfortable. And I didn’t want to leave her stranded,” he said.

His good deed did not pass unnoticed. Uber shared his story on Twitter, following his NewsNation appearance, and it has gone viral since then.

Online, Williams was also showered with praises and even offered a new job.

“I received an offer to be a lead driver for Ride Alto, where I will be pretty much in the office, just being a supervisor.”

He said the girl contacted him to express her gratitude, as well as her parents who reached out the next morning.

“She actually texted me and just thanked me … for everything that I had done for her that night.”

“The following morning her parents also … just outpouring of thanks again, for all that I could do to assist their daughter.”

On his new job, Williams’ first order of business is to assure passengers they are with someone who can be trusted.