Unheard-of facts about cheeseburgers you want to know for the National Cheeseburger Day

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Americans cannot say no to cheeseburgers.

Our love for this food has in fact made us dedicate Sept. 18 to celebrate the annual National Cheeseburger Day.

A YouGov poll in May last year said 73 percent of the respondents prefer meat-based burgers so much. Majority of Americans, with 74 percent of the respondents, said in the same poll that cheese is their favorite burger topping and they usually put this on their burgers.

To best celebrate the National Cheeseburger Day is of course to enjoy home-cooked or restaurant-offered cheeseburgers, the National Day Calendar said.

You can also enjoy eating your cheeseburger while learning some less-known facts about it.

Here are some of the cheeseburger trivia you might want to know:

The cheeseburger’s birthday was in 1924

It was in 1924 when the cheeseburger was invented by then 16-year-old Lionel Sternberger, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History website said. Sternberger was working in a sandwich shop run by his father and thought of adding cheese on a hamburger. She called it the “cheese hamburger.”

Ten years later, the term “cheeseburger” was born in a Louisville, Kentucky restaurant, the museum added.

It takes $10,000 to avail of the largest commercial burger

You can buy “the largest commercially available burger” in the world, which weighs 1, 800 pounds, for $10,000 at Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar. Also available in the said restaurant was a 10-pound cheeseburger which cost $50.

Americans want cheese on their burgers!

Majority of Americans, with 70 percent of them, would prefer cheese on their cheeseburgers, the Technomic report from 2019 said. This is higher as compared to the 59 percent who said they will prefer cheddar; 40 percent who opt for Swiss; and 39 percent for mozzarella, according to How Stuff Works.

The most huge burger chain title in the U.S. goes to McDonald’s

McDonald’s is still the highest-earning burger chain in the U.S., according to a report of Restaurant Business Online last year. After McDonald’s is Burger King, then Wendy’s, Sonic, and lastly, Jack in the Box.

Hotdog-shaped burgers? Yes, they exist

Unlike the usual flat, round hot dogs, a burger shaped like a hotdog or a burger dog is basically ground beef formed like a hot dog, HuffPost said in a report in 2017.

It said that burger dog “is perfect for when you want a hamburger but only have hot dog buns,” Fox News reported.