Voting rights bill blocked by Senate Republicans

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Republican senators on Tuesday blocked the Democrats’ aim to revise the country’s election and voting law, which was supposed to bring an ample patch up of the electoral scheme in this period of time.

Called the “For the People Act”, the bill can cover parts of the election procedure, reversing obstacles to voting which pushes the Civil Rights battle, and will stop the authority of money in the political system.

The GOP, however, argued that the bill stands for an astonishing federal contravention on the authority of the states to do their own polls with the absence of fraud, which can surely be in favor of the Democrats.

Democrats have failed to reach their needed 60 votes to start the debate as the voting ended with 50-50 votes. Some Republicans even renamed the act as “Screw the People Act.”

Presiding in the chamber when the bill was defeated was Vice President Kamala Harris, the first Black woman to assume office.

“The fight’s not over,” the vice president said.

The defeat pushed Democrats to think through the next steps following its main legislative thrust in a divided Senate. The liberals proclaimed the move as a notable counterbalance to tons of proposals forwarding the statehouses dominated by the GOP, which complicated the voting process.

“Once again, the Senate Republican minority has launched a partisan blockade of a pressing issue,” exclaimed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, considering the vote as the “starting gun.”

President Joe Biden, before the Senate vote, said in a tweet: “Democrats are united and committed to passing this landmark legislation to protect voting rights, ensure the integrity of our elections and repair and strengthen our democracy.”

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