Which counties voted to recall Gavin Newsom?

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While Gavin Newsom has survived the California recall election with a sweeping win, his popularity seems to have not reached other voters in a number of counties.

Lassen County, for one, became the proof of this. An overwhelming 82.9 percent of the voters out of the 90 percent tallied in this county voted “yes” to recall the governor.

In numbers, this is equal to a total of 6,590 out of the 7,947 votes turned in. As of August 21, Lassen county has 15,831 registered voters, 2,780 are Democrats.

Larry Elder became Lassen’s most popular choice among the Republicans who challenged to replace Newsom, with about 68 percent votes. This is followed by Assemblymember Kevin Kiley who garnered 6.1 percent votes; ex-state Sen. Ted Gaines with 4.5 percent and finally, ex-San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer who got 2.9 percent votes.

Apart from Lassen, the nearby Modoc County also approved to recall Newsom with 78 percent out of the 91.7 votes counted here said “yes”. This translates to 2, 505 people who voted for recall while 706 did not.

The results of the recall poll are not a surprise on these counties as far Northern California is known as a stronghold for ex-President Donald Trump and the Republicans.

Joe Biden also lost in Lassen County in last year’s presidential election with only 23 percent votes, far from his opponent’s 74 percent, SFGate reported.

But how about the neighborhoods that backed him?

The initial election results by the Department of Elections showed that only 13.3 percent of the voters in San Francisco have voted to recall Newsom.

According to a separate report by SFGate, Lake Merced has only 24.05 percent of voters who said they would recall Newsom.

Haight-Ashbury, meanwhile, has the majority of votes opposing the recall with only 4.08 percent of voters have agreed to recall the governor.

Other neighborhoods with the highest percentage in recall Newsom are Sunset with 20.25 percent; Portola with 20 percent; Visitacion Valley with 18.78 percent; and Excelsior with 17.86 percent.