Woman linked to Bay Area father-and-son fentanyl deaths faces 77-month imprisonment

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The prison sentence for the last among the three offenders in the Santa Rosa fentanyl death case involving a father and his 13-month-old child in 2019 has been decided, KRON4 reported.

The defendant, Leanna Zamora, a 29-year-old Santa Rosa resident, faces a 77-month prison sentence over her involvement in fentanyl distribution as well as in the fentanyl distribution conspiracy, United States Attorney Stephanie M. Hinds and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent in Charge Wade R. Shannon, said.

On Wednesday, Zamora was convicted on charges.

32-year-old Lindsay Williams and 26-year-old Shane Cratty pleaded guilty before Zamora’s conviction, also on the same charges.

Zamora was found to have conspired with the two defendants to provide Patrick O’Neil and his son, Liam, with fentanyl, court documents said.

According to court filing, Cratty brought Williams to Zamora, who supplied fentanyl to Williams last Sept. 13, 2019. Williams then handed it to Cratty who was the one who made the delivery to O’Neil.

The father-and-son then came into contact with the drug later it was delivered.

The fentanyl has caused their death.

The three – Zamora, Williams, and Cratty – were indicted with fentanyl distribution conspiracy and fentanyl distribution last Dec. 12, 2019.

Zamora released a guilty plea to the charges against her.

Judge Hon. Charles R. Breyer also ordered Zamora to serve a 3-year supervised release, in addition to the jail sentence.

Meanwhile, Williams faces a 90-month imprisonment sentence and Cratty with 96-month in jail for their involvement in the case. The two were sentenced last Nov. 10, 2021.