Zodiac Killer identified?

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The Zodiac Killer is said to have been identified by “independent investigators,” SGFATE reported, citing Fox News.

Five people were believed to have been victimized by the Zodiac in the late 1960s in the Bay Area. Across the country, he was known to become one of the most notorious killers after sending media practitioners with provocative symbols. The case was left unsolved after many years, and several suspects and theories emerged. In 2004, the San Francisco Police Department labeled the case “inactive” but three years after, it was reopened.

The infamous killer is now being identified by “Case Breakers” – a team of 40 investigators – as Gary Francis Poste. The suspect from Southern California was an Air Force veteran and house painter. He died in 2018.

The team’s claim is mainly connected to evidence discovered in the darkroom of the man, which they said a photo found there with a scar evident on Poste’s forehead is similar to the one found in the killer’s sketch. Zodiac has also sent letters, and it can be cracked by eliminating the letters on the killer’s name. This, however, has not yet been backed by evidence.

The team alleged Zodiac to be behind the Riverside murder in 1966.

Through their website, the Case Breakers said they are a group of “crack investigators — from working millennials to retired octogenarians — with law enforcement, military, forensic, academic, legal and investigative skill sets.”  

The team’s source was alleged “an outlaw-turned-whistleblower” who “tipped these developments to the team, led by retired FBI agents. The turncoat claims to have escaped from the Zodiac’s criminal ‘posse,’ roaming in the mountains for decades,” it said on its website.

Meanwhile, the Riverside Police Department told Fox News about the Riverside killing that “our Homicide Cold Case Unit has determined the murder of Cheri Jo Bates in 1966 is not related to the Zodiac Killer.”

The team requests the law enforcement to have Poste’s DNA samples be compared to the ones secured from the crime scene in 1966.